The Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES) was established in December 2009 with a funding from the Delegation of European Union to India and became the only such department in any private university in India. It has the endorsement of the Delegation of European Union to India and the support of European institutions and organisations. It offers a multidisciplinary platform for studies in business and economics, history and international relations, law and governance, language, society and culture of Europe. Apart from a full two-year Master program in European Studies and a three-year Bachelors in Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies. It also offers certificate courses in German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin languages with native speakers as teachers and in the areas of Bhagavadgita, and Indian ethics and epics.


 Mr. Michael Hindley – Former Member of the European Parliament (MEP) – visit to the Centre | 09 February 2019



Manipal Centre for European Studies has been awarded the prestigious Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence award by the European Union



“The European Union is the biggest trading partner of India. A growing number of Indian companies are eager to enter the European market as well. This results in a demand for experts who are well acquainted with European economy, culture, languages and politics. Teaching European Business Law to highly motivated Indian students was a rewarding experience. I am pleased with the excellently equipped and professionally organized learning environment that DES is providing.”

Prof (Dr and Jur) Friedrich Lehmann – Director of the Program
Master in European Studies – Hochschule Bremen, Germany

Friedrich Lehmann

Students 2013-15
“I took up this course, MA in European Studies for I have flair for languages, especially French and Spanish. I believe that with this degree, one can explore the possibilities of pursuing a career in translation and interpretation. A year of stay in Europe certainly helps to understand the nuances of European language and culture better.”

Pranjali Kirloskar, (Research scholar – DES, Manipal)





“I am delighted to be a part of the program that provides with an opportunity to know so much more about Europe and its fascinating integration process, an unparalleled experimentation in human history; all for peace. I had an opportunity to study a part of the program in Bremen, Germany, and all this with Erasmus Mundus scholarship that I hadn’t even heard of before joining this program! I couldn’t have asked for more!”

Pooja Nadageer, Dharwad (MA European Studies student 2013-15, who studied part of the program at Hochshule Bremen, Germany with Erasmus Mundus scholarship)


Students 2014-16

12219549_10153224943198597_7966653779116917187_nThe MA Politics and Sustainability program in Hochshule Bremen with scholarship was a unique experience and opportunity that I received through the Masters in European Studies Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE).The program has taught me beyond class room experiences with great exposure to meet and learn with talented students around the world. I cherished the academic and social exposure that I gained through this program.

Divyarani Pradeep (MA European Studies student 2014-16, who studied part of the program at Hochshule Bremen, Germany with Erasmus Mundus scholarship)


12993382_1069577506417700_6253204056827625347_nMA European Studies have played a major role in my personal and professional development. The course offers a unique experience of learning about European history, culture, foreign policies and business environment. I was interested in exploring European economy and business environment, the course has surely met my expectations. The course is taught by well-qualified and dedicated faculties and features internationally-focused curriculum. The exchange option for the second year of study in partner University gave me an opportunity to study in one of the best B-schools in Germany. It helped me to get a better perspective and insights of Europe. I’m proud of my decision to join DES.

Sanjay Pawar (MA European Studies student 2014-16, who studied part of the program at ESB Business Schoool, Reutlingen University, Germany with Erasmus Mundus scholarship)


Students 2015-17

14963269_1270196856334986_26048270698460795_nI am delighted to be a part of the Department of European Studies ‘family’. The best thing about this course is having the freedom to think of your own research. I feel extremely lucky to be in an environment that allows me to conduct research on what interests me the most, so in all my time here I have never felt bored. Now, I have the glorious opportunity to study a year in Metropolitan University Prague, Czech Republic and that too with an Erasmus+ Scholarship that covers my study fee, international travel and living expenses!!!

Priya Vijaykumar Poojary (MA European Studies student 2015-17)


14731183_1193049494073934_7789960640993842273_nThe Department of European Studies at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is the only one in India offering such a unique course with an option to complete the second year abroad. The Department has helped me not only in academics but also with helpful information about scholarships in Europe. This was essential which helped me to bag an Erasmus Mundus scholarship for my second year of study. The choice of specializations and language courses makes this program not only interesting but also very practical.

Trisha Chatterjee (MA European Studies student 2015-17)





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