Arjuna S R

Dr Arjuna S R
I had overheard that “Sanskrit language is the best for computers; it is proven by NASA”. For me, this is the most incoherent statement as I hold a PhD in an interdisciplinary area that deals with both Sanskrit and Computers. I did PhD in Sanskrit Computational Linguistics (SCL) from the University of Hyderabad, after the completion of studies till Masters in Navya Nyaya from a Gurukula in Bengaluru. Wherein, I had developed an application into Graphical Representations of  Navya Nyaya Expressions as my thesis. I was fortunate to spend a part of my doctoral studies with Raman Charpak fellowship in Inria, Paris, France. 
I deal with Digital Humanities as well, as I am working on a research project – MAHE Mahabharata – developing Digital Concordance and Grammatical Analyses as a Co-Principal Investigator. In addition, I am also an Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy at MAHE. 
My interests are not only limited to Sanskrit studies, I teach Kannada too at Manipal University for all – Kannada and Non-Kannada speakers from basic to advanced levels.