Bologna-IN, first workshop

A Two-day workshop on “Bologna Process – the European Higher Education Area: ECTS, Mobility, Employability and Internationalization of Indian Higher Education System”.

Objectives of the workshop –
1. to discuss internationalization of Indian higher education system
2. to get to know the EU-India cooperation in education
3. to understand different aspects of Bologna Process
4. to learn about ECTS, credits’ recognition and mobility
5. to increase the level of awareness and knowledge about European Higher Education Area

Guests –

Mr Thibault DEVANLAY | Counsellor | Delegation of the European Union to India | New Delhi

Mr BORRELLI Vito |Head of sector, Jean Monnet, European Commission, DG Education and Culture International Cooperation and Programmes | European Commission |Belgium

Mr Renato Girelli | European Commission, DG education and Culture, Section Education and Social Inclusion | European Commission | Belgium

Ms Ainhitze Bizkarralegorra-Bravo | Country Representative EURAXESS India | EURAXESS India | New Delhi

Ms Monica Sinibaldi | Section chief, International Agreements | Milan University, Italy

Prof Paola Catenaccio | Head of Study Programmes, Department of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication, Deputy Dean for International Affairs for the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences |Milan University, Italy

Ms Zeineb Mazouz | Project Manager | University of Barcelona, Spain
Dr Nagesh Poojary | Head, Research and Innovation Center |Middle East College | Sultanate of Oman
Dr Sergej Stacenko |Researcher, CETS |University of Latvia
Prof Tatjana Muravska | Head Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Centre for European and Transition Studies |University of Latvia
Dr Shazia Aziz Wülbers |Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies |University of Bremen | Germany
Dr Vinod Bhat | Vice Chancellor |Manipal University |India | Manipal
Dr Anita Patankar |Deputy Director | Symbiosis Centre for International Education |India | Pune
Prof Neeta Inamdar |Head, Department of European Studies |Manipal University |India | Manipal
Mr Stefano Greco | Assistant Professor | Manipal University |India | Manipal
Dr Karunakar A Kotegar | Deputy Director, International Collaborations |Manipal University |India | Manipal
Dr Sanjay Patanshetty |Associate Professor and Faculty Coordinator, Department of Public Health
Manipal University |India | Manipal
Mr Prasanna Kailaje | Director Alumni Relations | Manipal University | India | Manipal

Sessions –

March 2, 2017 | Day 1

Session 1 | Internationalization of Higher Education: Envisioning a Global Citizenry
Session 2 | Dialogue and Cooperation Between Europe and India
Session 3 | Credits, Grades Recognition and Mobility

March 3, 2017 | day 2

Session 4 | Cooperation in the Higher Education Sphere: EU and India
Session 5 | Academic Exchange: Organizational and External Factors Influencing Internationalization
Session 6 | Panel Discussion on Internationalization and Employability
Session 7 | Cultural preparedness – Simulation
Session 8 | Panel Discussion on Innovation and Internationalization