David Karas

David_KarasThe European Union is more than cold technocracy: once you are familiar with its  institutional architecture, you are ready to discover that EU policies and institutions are all about ideas, interests and negotiations between a myriad of actors. You discover politics underpinning markets, even (and especially) in the seemingly most technical fields. I will examine with you the complex interplay between supranational and national dynamics, markets and societies at the heart of the European integration project – in other words, the political economy of the world’s most extensive experiment in transnational market making and regulatory integration.

Minority nationalism and informality in post-Communist Eastern Europe were my original areas of specialization. My current research themes focus on the developmental consequences of EU-, regional- and transnational market integration for domestic actors in transition and developing economies, and the political economy of emerging “illiberal democracies” particularly in Central Europe and Turkey.