Dr. S Anandateertha

IMG_20180309_135641“reto dhāturvaṭakaṇikā dhṛtadhūmādhivāsanam …” – this verse from Mahabharata, which discusses about the exxistence of metaphysical world, inspired me to read and study the philosophy. My gurukula education for 12 years opened up a philosopher in me and made me a desirous of knowledge. Tattvavada of Acharya Madhva along with Nyaya, Vyakarana and Literature was thoroughly studied.
I joined Poornaprajna Vidyapitha (Vedanta Gurukula and Sanskrit College) in Bengaluru(1999-2011). I pursued studies in Indian philosophy and Sanskrit studies from Vidyapitha. I have completed my Doctoral degree from Rashtriya samskit samsthan, New Delhi in Dvaita Philosophy. I am working as a Research coordinator in the project entitled Grammatical ananlysis and Contextual Tagging of Mahabharata and Tatparyanirnaya of the Dvaita Philosophy Centre at Department of European Studies