Gowtham R

12118874_959634190773311_816864651882162628_n“What is here, is found elsewhere; what is not here, is not found anywhere.” (Mahabharata 1.56.33) is a popular saying on Mahabharata which means that all the concepts dealing with law, economics, psychology, philosophy, etc., are well discussed in Mahabharata. And we are in an attempt of identifying very such concepts and tagging them for a research project currently at the Dvaita Center.

If anyone is interested to learn Samskrit or discuss Mahabharata or has questions about the Indian philosophy, you are welcome to stop by and have a conversation. I am Gowtham and I have completed M.Phil in Dvaita Philosophy after my Masters and Bachelors in the same from Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha and Karnataka Samskrit University.