Jean Monnet Module – Online resources

Jean Monnet Module – Cultural Analysis and European Identity | Year 2014 to 2017

Academic year 2014-15 –  Contribution by participants

  1. European Union’s initiatives towards Collective identity presented by Ms Divya Rani and Mr Sanjay Pawar
  2. Identity and Violence – Amartya Sen presented by Ms Varsha Chawla and Mr Ashirwad Paul
  3. Migrants Health and Health Policy for Migrants in Europe presented by Theophilus Lakiang

Academic year 2015-16 –  Contribution by participants

  1. Multiculturalism by C.W. Watson presented by Ms. Tejasvini Ahuja
  2. Rethinking Multiculturalism – Bhiku Parekh presented by Ms Nikita Joshi

Academic year 2016-17 –  Contribution by participants

  1. Interculturalism -From Multiculturalism past to future Interculturalism presented by Ms Aarushi Manchanda
  2. Multicultural Education presented by Ms Sushmita Roy

Recommended readings:

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