Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES) was established in December 2009 with a funding from the European Union. This was to further the University’s commitment and belief in the sans-border education. The objective of the Department is to develop and broaden Indo-EU relations by sharing each other’s strengths through educational enterprise and the fostering of institutional partnerships between universities, leading to a mutually beneficial exchange of best academic practices and enhancement of common human knowledge.

Department objectives 

  • To establish closer links between universities in India and the EU
  • To encourage research in Indo-EU relations and their underlying factors
  • To promote understanding between India and EU states by educating people about the culture, language, social and economic conditions on both sides
  • To develop human resource that has knowledge of both India and the EU that will in turn help in the process of cooperation
  • To generate common knowledge that will be beneficial to both India and the EU


A Centre of Excellence to foster Indo-EU educational connect by enhancing understanding based on knowledge sharing across disciplines and geographical boundaries


Be the preferred destination of students and faculty with specific interests in Europe, European languages, history, culture, business, international relations and higher education

The Department offers a Master program in European Studies (MA European Studies), which is the only such program in the entire country. This two-year master program has provided opportunities for many students to study a part of their program in Europe with scholarships.

Department also offers Bachelors program in Foreign Language and Intercultural Studies (BA, FLIS). It is a uniquely designed three-year undergraduate program, which aims to equip students with a high level of foreign language proficiency along with sound intercultural competence. BA FLIS enables students to graduate in a multidisciplinary academic program embedded within a foreign language even as they are still learning the language.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is the only institute in the country to have the prestigious Jean Monnet program. This means, an introduction of a Jean Monnet module on Cultural Analysis and European Identity for students of MA European Studies and also students from other disciplines on the campus in Manipal. We are proud to be the recipients of grants for this Jean Monnet worldwide program.

We are proud that in the last five years, we have emerged as the ‘Centre of Excellence’ among European study centres in India and are termed as a ‘jewel’ among such initiatives in the words of Dr Silvia Costantini, the former First Counsellor, the Delegation of EU to India.

In last five years, several Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) were signed with more than a dozen universities in Europe, also developing student and faculty mobility programs with them.