Department of Philosophy

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), an Institution of Eminence, has established the Department of Philosophy under the Faculty of Liberal Arts – Humanities and Social Sciences. The newly established Department of Philosophy is about to offer a two-year Master’s program in Indian Philosophy from August 2019.

Earlier, it was known as Dvaita Philosophy Resource Centre (DPRC), which was established as part of the Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES) with the funding from the Delegation of the European Union to India, aiming at providing bilateral academic exchanges between Europe and India via creating an international platform for Indian intellectual traditions.

MA Indian Philosophy 

For thousands of years, the vast Sanskrit literature, which also deals with Vedic and other philosophical schools of thoughts, has contributed greatly to Indian knowledge system. Over the years, different schools of philosophy have added different dimensions and offered hermeneutic explanations and interpretations to this repository of knowledge.

The Masters in Indian Philosophy aims at creating a new brand of researchers and thinkers in the field of philosophy. It attempts to bridge the gap in Indian philosophical understanding and textual tradition and enables ease accessibility to text and interpret the primary sources with a rational outlook. The gap was due to inadequate knowledge of philosophical language and discourses, which has created two independent approaches towards the subject i.e., following the textual traditions or discussing the concepts through contemporary paradigms with reference to secondary sources.

Manipal being a part of Udupi, the millennia-old temple-town and the birthplace of an Indian philosophical school – Dvaita Vedanta, makes it natural to the University of international repute to preserve the philosophical heritage of the region through a dedicated research oriented Postgraduate program.


The Department focuses on creating academic platforms for philosophical discourses. It emphasises its focus on Indian intellectual traditions particularly Dvaita Vedanta – originated in the region. The larger idea is to engage with philosophical studies and research and to integrate the Indian knowledge system into that of the world.


The Department of Philosophy strives to be the Centre of Excellence among philosophy institutes through offering programs, conducting research and bringing out publications.


  • To mainstream the discourses in philosophy with focus on contemporary relevance
  • To develop human resources equipped with scientific temperament integrated with critical thinking and rational investigation
  • To encourage academic exchanges of transdisciplinary research employing best practices
  • To preserve the philosophical heritage of India’s intellectual traditions


  • Programs and courses on philosophical studies
  • Research projects and publications
  • Inter-institutional collaborations within India and outside
  • Academic and cultural events
  • Fostering Digital Humanities