IMG-20161203-WA0004A week or two in a lushgreen hillock abuzz with the young vibrant minds of India, experience Manipal in its truest sense. All this is made possible with our summer school program and it is my job as the coordinator of the summer school program to ensure that you have a stimulating dipping of your toes into the diverse cultural of India. At the program, we ensure a good blend of academic session running in workshop mode along with visits to the cultural places.

I am also a research scholar at DES pursuing my doctoral studies under the guidance of Prof Dr Neeta Inamdar. My thesis on ‘Urban Multilingualism’ is inspired by own experiences and struggle with deciphering my language identity. Being a native speaker of the tulu language but as a third generation migrant who was born and raised in Mumbai, language has always been a confusing domain for me. In my research, I attempt to understand the linguistic diversity propelled by globalisation and migration.

I am also actively working with the Erasmus+ Co-funded project CLIL@India and continue to assist the project team