Srinivasa Kumar N Acharya

Srinivasa Kumar N Acharya

The attitude of questioning has always been my companion since childhood. When I wondered of ‘who could possibly I be’ that led to the notion of ‘Who am I?’ a question that propelled the understanding of Self for more than a millenia. I followed this notion and now ‘I am here’ doing philosophy. Initially with all disinterests, later with deep interests, I did study Indian philosophy (majorly epistemology) in a traditional Gurukula – Purnaprajna Vidyapitha, a Sanskrit college.

Then I joined the Dvaita Philosophy Resource Centre of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence – Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES) at Manipal University. In this decade old association, MCES paved way for me to go to Europe to lecture and travel and learn from European counterparts. And the Dvaita Centre has been now recognised as the Department of Philosophy at MAHE and we are all set to share what we had learnt through an Indian philosophy Master’s program along with our four-year MAHE Mahabharata research project pertinent to Sanskrit Studies, Digital Humanities and Computational Linguistics.