Srinivasa Kumar N Acharya


Srinivasa Kumar N Acharya

Who am I?’ has been a question that has prompted many philosophical thoughts to ponder over understanding of Self. This still remains unanswered for me; but I am Srini here working at DES and MUP. My interest lies in Indian philosophy and Studies, as I come from a traditional school called Purnaprajna Vidyapitha, Bengaluru, where I completed three Masters in Nyaya, Alankara and Sanskrit. After that, I joined DPRC in 2011.

Presently, we are working on a research project Content and Context based tagging of Mahabharata using computational linguistic tools with a group of in-house traditionally trained scholars.

Presently, we offer three courses: a Certificate course in Bhagavadgita open to the public, which interacts with Gita philosophically also in an academic perspective; and an interfaculty elective Introduction to Indian Ethics and Epics for MIT students that discusses the contemporary relevance of Puranas and Dharmashastras.

DPRC was established in Manipal (also referred to as Vedadri), which is a part of the temple town Udupi that beholds the philosophical and cultural heritage for over a millennia. We brought out scholarly publications, conducted international summer schools, workshops, seminars and continue to work on them in the areas of Indian philosophy and Sanskrit studies.