The EU and Free Flows of Data – Data Protection, Trade and Law Enforcement by by Amelia Andersdotter

Seminar: The Talk will attempt to provide a comprehensive view of the developments around data protection, transfers to third countries, the Data Schengen proposal (and its impact in foreign jurisdictions, such as Russia or with respect to Indian IT outsourcing companies – bearing in mind that India has no Safe Harbor agreement) as well as the consequences of some seminal Court of Justice rulings on, e.g., Passenger Name Records Deal with Canada and the Safe Harbor/Privacy Shield agreements with the United States.

Resource person: Amelia Andersdotter is a distinguished fellow of the CIS, currently based in Bangalore. Since 2014, she is monitoring Swedish government interactions with the EU laws on privacy, as well as the Swedish government involvement in the setting of EU policies towards foreign jurisdictions. Over the past couple of months at the CIS, she also had the opportunity to gain insights into the ongoing Indian discussions about identification, data privacy and digitalisation. Her position in the European Parliament was in the international trades committee, and also her work was in the A2K-scene. She works in the field of internet governance, which provides with insights of EU behaviour in international institutions, such as the WIPO or the IGF.